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A plan designed from your point
of view.

We’ve rewired your health benefits to be on-demand. This means you’re covered for what you need and have the flexibility to add more coverage if or when you need it. The Bind plan puts the power in your hands, where it belongs, and allows you to design your health benefits coverage on-the-go, based on your life and needs.

Full disclosure: pricing at your fingertips.

Use our app and website to see the total cost of care, and what your copays will be, well in advance of getting treated. No more confusing coinsurance and deductible formulas; Bind keeps things clear and simple.

Understand all your treatment options.

Bind helps you compare treatment options. Sometimes we aren’t aware that physical therapy is an option before surgery or that one physician group may have lower pricing than another. Bind puts information in your hands and empowers you to make decisions that are best for you.

Who, what, where—and wow!

Narrow networks are narrow-minded. With Bind, you can research our broad provider directory showing who they are, where they’re located and how much they’ll cost. With easy access to this helpful information, you can make the best choices for you and your family.

Anticipate the care and coverage you may need.

Bind uses machine learning and pattern science to predict your needs. We use big data to tell us when you may need more coverage, and you can opt in to receive alerts to inform you of your options.

No more restrictive enrollment periods.

With Bind, we don’t expect you to predict your entire year of health care needs a year in advance. You will always have Core coverage and you can purchase Add-Ins at any time throughout the plan year.