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Welcome to the Bind Provider Portal.

Health insurance information to keep things moving.

While on-demand health insurance differs in some ways from traditional health plans, we’re interested in making providers’ interactions with us as seamless as possible, and we’ll continue to improve this site with that in mind.

Surgical coverage can vary among members, depending on how they have customized their coverage. If you’ve scheduled a procedure that falls within one of our Add-In coverages, we encourage you to check your patient’s coverage with a predetermination to verify the member has coverage for that procedure.

Check eligibility and copays.

Determine what coverage a member currently has with us.
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Network participation.

Review admin manual and update information regarding network participation.
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Add-In predeterminations.

Check if a member has one of our Add-In coverages for a scheduled procedure.
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Other forms.

Adjust, appeal, supplement, update and change provider information or claims.
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Medical management.

Submit authorizations, certifications and medical policies for services within Core coverage.
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Learn more about how on-demand health insurance is different.
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