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Network participation.

Bind is partnering with PreferredOne. This partnership leverages PreferredOne’s existing networks. These networks are applied to both services within Core coverage as well as Add-In coverages. However, Bind is also interested in directly contracting with providers that currently participate in PreferredOne’s networks but want to differentiate themselves in a new way under our benefit, as well as with providers that are currently not contracted with PreferredOne.
Contact us to become a part of our contracted network.

Check whether you are in-network.

If you are not sure whether you are in the PreferredOne networks we are using, you can check here for participation in OA200 and OA300.

Provider admin manual.

Get more information on how to interact with Bind as a provider.
Provider Admin Manual—coming soon.

Participate in the network.

We are looking for organizations that will provide greater value to our members through clear and direct services and pricing. With Bind, you can create and market high value treatment options to employers and their employees. To participate in the Bind Provider Network, contact us at 612.503.5003 or

For questions, please contact us at