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Oh look, Genius and Common Sense had a baby!

The old days of confusion and uncertainty are over. We designed our app and web experience to make accessing and understanding your coverage simple. No more being in the dark about costs or coverage—the answers are all right at your fingertips. At long last, Bind has lifted the fog so that you can see your health insurance with perfect clarity.

Check your coverage anytime, anywhere.

Our app is designed to make everything simple and immediate. No mazes, no dead ends, no runarounds. With Bind, it’s your coverage, your choice, your preferences—and you control them all from the palm of your hand.

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Research what works best for you within our broad provider network.

Unlike plans that limit your choice through narrow networks, Bind offers you a broad network of providers to choose from. With Bind, it’s easy for you to find providers and know how much they cost. With easy access to helpful information, you can make the best choices for you and your family.

Understand all your treatment options.

Bind helps you compare treatment options. Sometimes we aren’t aware that physical therapy is an option before surgery or that one physician group may have lower pricing than another. Bind puts information in your hands and empowers you to make decisions that are best for you.
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Clear pricing and easy-to-understand copays at your fingertips.

When you access care with Bind, your total costs are made clear to you in advance of treatment. Instead of confusing coinsurance and deductible formulas, our copays are clear and simple. And you manage every aspect of your health insurance experience with ease through the Bind app or website.

Anticipate the care and coverage you may need.

Bind uses machine learning and pattern science to predict your needs. We use big data to tell us when you may need more coverage, and you can opt in to receive alerts to inform you of your options.

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